Athina Kontou´s project is about the story of a musician who was born

to greek parents in Frankfurt, Germany and who considers both

countries her home. Music was part of her life from early childhood,

and so she went on to study first musicology in Mainz and then Jazz

upright bass in Weimar and Leipzig.

Until 2014, she did not play the music of her Greek homeland while

living in Germany. This changed when she was asked to take part in

the MusikZeit Festival in Leipzig, which in that year had Greece as its

central topic. For this festival, she asked herself how her identity as a

jazz musician and her Greek roots were connected. She started a band

that would accompany her on that expedition. She asked her cousin,

the singer Kalliopi Skourtou to be part of the project because of her

authentic greek voice. Jazz Melodies and Harmonies were brought

into the band by saxophone player Philipp Sebening and piano player

Johannes Bigge, who also plays harpsichord in this band. This

instrument gives the band a very special touch somewhere between

European classical music and the Greek bouzouki or santouri. Sebastian Flaig

completes the band sound with his eastern groove and his

accomplished percussion style.